Posted by: Phoenix | August 25, 2010

And we close another successful year

So another Shoe Fair has come and gone, and though I absolutely love putting it on every year, I also love when it ends and I can start thinking about what I’ll improve for the following one.  As it happens with every year’s fair, I could not, COULD NOT, put this on without help from some awesome people.

We made our goal of L$1 million Lindens, and that buys approximately 3600 pairs of shoes (according to the last time I looked at the exchange rates) for needy people in disaster-struck areas around the globe.

Delora Starbrook – The builder who puts up with me year after year, and does it with very few bitches and moans at me for the stuff I ask her to change at the last minute.  You are so awesome and talented and I am so thankful you are around and in my life.

Anastasia Trefusis – Thank you for signing up to be my Co-bitch in charge.  You kept saying you had no idea what you were doing, but you did a fabulous job, and think…next year you won’t be able to say that!  I’m so glad I started getting to know you, and I look forward to all sorts of Dork St. fun!

Alysha Rennahan – Gawd, I don’t know how I managed last year without you.  But now that you’re back, there’s no way I’m letting you get away ever again.  Thank you for everything you did for the fair.  You started off as the designer liaison, but quickly evolved into my right-hand (Ana being the left-hand).

Soles4Souls – Thank you for being so involved with our little fundraiser!  I’ve never experienced that before.  Last year, I couldn’t get the retired US Marine to even understand what I was talking about, and it was great that you took so much interest in our little grassroots campaign.

Our four Sim sponsors – SLink’s Siddean Munro, N-Core’s nuria Augupfel, Gos Custom Footwear’s Gospel Voom and R2 Fashion’s rei2 Aya.  You made it possible this year to have the Shoe Fair and each of you elevated the standards a bit more.  See you next year 😉

Designers of the Shoes – You people rock so hard and even though I know very little about the technical aspects of what you do, I admire and respect you all so much.  I am so grateful that I get to be even marginally involved with you during the fair.  Even those of you who couldn’t participate this year due to various RL reasons, thank you for being a part of why I still love SL so much after nearly four years.

The designers and creative people with haybales & gatcha machines – I totally screwed up and you guys made it happen. Thank you for your contributions and your good-hearted, generous spirits.

Alicia Chenaux, Anessa Stine & Tymmerie Thorne – You three did a kick-ass job on the official blog, I can’t even describe what amazing bloggers you all are.  I hope to shanghai you again next year 😀

All of the bloggers who blogged the event – You all did such amazing posts, I’m in awe and I kinda want to quit blogging since I’m such a goober anyhow.  Thank you for all of your posts.  Next year enter your posts into the blogger contests! 😛

Trace Osterham – For translating our notecards into Japanese for the designers who are more comfortable with that, and translating requests and IM’s back and forth.  Thank you, it was so great to have you, and a bonus that you were also in the fair and could explain what my ramblings meant to others!

Luna Jubilee (, Kalia Mieklejohn (Chic Critique), Kesseret Steeplechase ( & SCD), Sasy Scarborough (What’s New SL), Carissa Crimson (Fashion Feed of SL), and Gorgeous Yongho (I Heart SL) – for syndicating our blog and offering us ad space on your feeds.  Thank you.

Nyte Caligari – For being the ideas person behind me, and being soooooo supportive and full of sunshine and rainbows.  Squish your fayace!

Khali Laguna – Thank you for organizing the Hillbilly Hoedown.  It was a great fun time!

Payten Harrop – Thank you for DJing the party all for the charity.  Your time was very much appreciated!

The Flickr/Blogger contest entrants – Thank you for some truly amazing pics!  It was hard to pick a winner, and I hope next year it’s even harder!

Plurkers – For being so supportive and yay’ing us every time we posted our current donation totals, and not ever letting me know you were absolutely sick of hearing about the damn shoe fair!

Matthew Anthony – For fixing the scripts we’ve been using for the past three years, and for making them in the first place!

Syngen Sohmers – Thank you for helping with the build.  You did a great job with Delora!

The two anonymous donors who took us from L$900,000 to a cool L$1M, for the first time ever!  If I could, I’d shout your names out, but I know you don’t want that.  So instead, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤

If I’ve forgotten you, it’s not because you don’t matter but because I’m an idiot who forgets things.  I appreciate everyone who makes this fair possible, because if it was left solely up to me, it probably wouldn’t have ever happened.  Next year is going to be even better.



  1. Thank you to you! Who organizes all this without blinking an eye!

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