Posted by: Alicia Chenaux | August 12, 2010

At The Fair – HOC Industries

Are you at the Shoe Fair looking for inexpensive shoes that are great quality?  I know I always am!  At HOC Industries, you can find just that!  I don’t know how they do it, but I have never seen a pair of shoes there for over $100L, and they usually come equipped with color change scripts, so it’s like getting a bunch of shoes for a low low price.  Check out these Lowtops from HOC!

These are awesome!  Not only are they great quality, but you get soooo much in the pack.  You get both the mens & womens shoes, 3 different lace styles, and 9 colors to change the main part of the shoe, the sole, the laces, and the eyelets.  So so many options!  And?  They’re only $50L.  That’s it!!  You MUST go get these and check out their other shoes!

HOC Industries can be found on the Rhodium sim at the fair.

And big thanks to Matthew Anthony of The Petable Shop for modeling for me!  Go get some turtles!


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