Posted by: Alicia Chenaux | August 11, 2010

At The Fair – S@bbia &

One of the very cool things about the Shoe Fair is that it allows you to find stores that you may not have heard of before.  S@bbia was one of those new-to-me stores that I just fell in love with.  I’m pretty simple with my clothing usually, so stumbling across these cute little Round Toe Pumps was a welcome find!

Very simple, very cute, but still with a little detail with the diamonds on the toes.  I like that the shoe is not a flat, but has a chunky short heel, so it’s just a casual little shoe.

I paired it up with one of the Film Crew tees by that I picked up from one of the haybales.  So cute!!  I’m wearing the Phantom of the Opera one, because it matched my shoes, and because I’m a huge Phantom fan!  This is the poster from the 1925 film, which I have seen, although it’s a silent film. Check it out sometime, it’s kinda scary!

You can find both S@bbia and the haybale on the Osmium sim at the fair.


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