Posted by: tymmerie | August 10, 2010

Live from the Action Shoe News Weather Center!

Unbelievable! There is mud everywhere! No wonder there are so many abandoned tractors around this place. Who decided to not to pave the sim crossings?

Oh, but everybody says, “It never rains in SL!” Lies!

Idyllic country setting? Forget that! These are new shoes!

Please tell me this is just mud. I could have sworn I saw some cows around here. Does anyone have a stick or some leaves?

What do you mean we are on the air???

Uhhhh… Reporting for Action Shoe News, I’m Tymmerie Thorne.

Shiny Things, Clara slingbacks – brown

Olive Juice – ‘effin stepped in the doggy doo’ pose



  1. LMAO! That was hilarious, and good use of the pose! Ty Tymmerie 😀

  2. You made some adorable poses! I updated this post with the link to the Olive Juice “hay bale” vendor area.

  3. oh ty! that was very thoughtful of you 😀

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