Posted by: Alicia Chenaux | August 9, 2010

At The Fair – SLink & Nyte N Day

If you’ve been to the Shoe Fair, you’ve probably noticed that there are small haybales around with items that are NOT shoes.  Several of the grid’s best designers bought a little bale to put out some cute items, and I know I sure have been hitting these up!  Second Life classic Nyte N Day has just the cutest little clothes on their haybale, and I felt that they went perfect with these new Aveela stilettos by SLink.  SLink designer Siddean Munro is also one of our fabulous Shoe Fair sponsors this year!

What can I say about these shoes?  Gorgeous doesn’t come close!  And so so easy to tint with SLink’s Jolie HUD.  What I adore is that you can input the RGB of your skin for the best tint.  They’re also Viewer 2 ready, so you can wear them with the alpha and no invisiprim [way better for photos!] or with the invisiprim and no alpha.  I have a feeling the Aveela stilettos are going to be on my feet very often!

And from Nyte N Day, I’m wearing the Fracas tee and the Essential Jeans.  I have to say, I’m wondering how I have lived without these jeans. I love them!

You can find SLink and the Nyte & Day haybale on the Ruthenium sim at the fair. Shop shop shop!


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