Posted by: tymmerie | August 8, 2010

Flames Spotted at Shoe Fair! Action Shoe News is on the scene!

Good evening. I am here at the 2010 Shoe Fair where witnesses report seeing flames. Officials were quick to the scene and confirmed that, in fact, they were not just flames but Swirly Disco Flames (SDF), one of the non-shoe “hay bale” vendors scattered throughout the fair to add extra excitement and fun to the event.

When reached for comment, SDF Artist Marnix Malifozik, had this to say, ”My art is a fusion of math and chaos. And strangely, it seems to work. The five I have on sale at the Shoe Fair are a mere soupçon of what I do, and all five were created especially for the fair.”

While, Mr. Malifozik has no previous arson charges, my sources have confirmed that he has on occasion, burned up the dance floor.

Authorities have expressed no desire to contain the Swirly Disco Flames. And since these particular works of art are exclusive to the fair, they’ll go up in smoke, so to speak, once it ends.

Reporting for Action Shoe News, I’m Tymmerie Thorne.

/artilleri/ Wilma dress *navy*

[PM] Baby T’s Plain : Dew

Pose Glitterati shoe fair gatcha #9



  1. AHahahhahahahahahahahahaa

    Love the Burning Up The Dance Floor comment. lol

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