Posted by: Alicia Chenaux | August 7, 2010

At The Fair – G Field

Yay!! The Shoe Fair is OPEN!!  And judging by the mass of people that entered as soon as the doors opened, this year is certain to be a success!

All the shoe vendors have at least one item with the proceeds going to the Souls4Soles charity, which is awesome.  I was SUPER excited to see these simply adorable shoes from G Field put up in the charity vendor!

These are called Kate, and I honestly squealed in delight when I saw them!

Beautiful buckled Mary Janes with a platform, thick heel, and bows!  The bows are color change as well, so you can match them up to a lot of outfits.  They are also Viewer 2 ready with the alphas, but if you do not use a viewer that allows the alphas, there are invisiprims on the shoes.  If cream is not your color, there are also a blue and a pink version also set up for the charity, as well as many other colors that are set for regular sale.  G Field is definitely one of my favorite shoe stores, and it just keeps getting better!

You can find G Field on the Rhodium sim at the Fair.

Have fun at the fair!  If you see me on the grounds, feel free to say hi and show me your new shoes!



  1. *bites you for being adorable*

    You make me want to go back and buy them!


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