Posted by: tymmerie | August 7, 2010

Action Shoe News Reports LIVE from Shiny Things!

Good evening everyone – I’m at the 2010 Shoe Fair, floating just outside of the entrance to the Shiny Things’ vendor space where, tonight, anticipation is growing. It’s not just anticipation for the fair itself – but for the return of one of Second Life’s most beloved creators.

Earlier this evening, several heartfelt messages were left here spontaneously, welcoming Fallingwater Cellardoor – the creator behind the Shiny Things brand – back to the exciting world of SL shoes after a long hiatus.

I have observed a large number of “Squee!”s and “ZOMG!”s from the bloggers, shoe fair vendors and organizers as they draw near to the area.

The big question tonight: Will Fallingwater enjoy her time at the 2010 Shoe Fair as much as the Shiny Things-starved residents will enjoy having her there? This reporter certainly hopes so!

Reporting for Action Shoe News, I’m Tymmerie Thorne.

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Cowgirl Boots – Beige



  1. can’t wait.

  2. Great post. I got a kick out of it!

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